Lyn Howell Hensel is a solo practitioner of general law with a primary office location in Columbia, SC. Her primary concentration centers around handling divorce, child custody, and other domestic relations matters in Family Court throughout South Carolina. She also handles criminal domestic and juvenile defense as well as DUI cases. Her specialized knowledge of creditors and debtors rights and responsibilities has helped many clients facing difficult economic challenges.

Lyn is a native of South Carolina and spent her childhood years in the upstate city of Spartanburg where her father was a noted trial lawyer. Educated in the Spartanburg County School System. Lyn finished high school at the age of 16 years old and received both her undergraduate degree and law degree from the University of South Carolina.

A member of one of the outstanding “legal families” in the State, Lyn learned her courtroom antics from her daddy and her cross examination skills from her mother. Growing up in a family where law was the ever present jealous mistress, Lyn brings her own unique style and personality to an area of the law where family issues and values are tested, tried and challenged. She travels extensively within the State to represent fellow South Carolinians in all 46 of our counties.

With an ability to quickly get to know the heart of the client’s case, Lyn combines a hands on approach to her cases. Lyn recognizes that compromise and collaboration are successful tools in the practice of family law. She has been a certified Family Court mediator for 16 years.

Having served as a Guardian ad Litem for minor children in contested custody cases for 33 years has given her the experience to address all cases to which she has been appointed in the best interest of the child.

Adoption practice has also brought her the joy of involvement in bringing new families together.

Delivery of comprehensive representation with an emphasis on resolution, Lyn has the qualifications, experience and energy to deliver legal services at reasonable professional rates.