What is Family Law?

Family Law is a comprehensive term that is used to describe the areas of practice one may encounter in Family Court.

Family Court is a court of specialized jurisdiction in the State of South Carolina which was created by an act of the SC legislature.

Family Court cases include divorce, separate support and maintenance, child custody, child support, name changes, abuse and neglect, and juvenile matters.

All cases in Family Court are handled by a Judge. There are nonjury cases in South Carolina Family Courts.

Family Court requires a knowledgeable practitioner with the skills of a trial advocate and the settlement ability of someone like Lyn Hensel.

The client is best served in Family Law by a comprehensive approach to litigation, negotiation, and mediation. 

Representation of a family court client mandates confidentiality and professionalism. There is a unique trust relationship between lawyer and client in the area of Family Court law. 

The area of Family Law is not about winning or losing. Family Court legal matters are processed through a system that has its own set of rules. Clients should be comfortable with their chosen Family Court advocate as matters in this area are sensitive and stressful. 

Family Court clients are often overwhelmed by the perceived unfairness and often unforeseen results of the system. Clients are often scared, skeptical, and apprehensive about their cases. It is imperative that the clients be educated about these inconsistencies and guided through the process. 

Having a Family Court issue demands an honest and realistic approach by both client and attorney. Being prepared for all possibilities is the key to a thorough evaluation by the attorney and the Court. Knowledge by the attorney of the Rules of Court and familiarity and relationships with fellow advocates are important to the delivery of legal services in this area of the Law. 


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